Imperium Global Advisors is a global government relations, public affairs and political advisory firm. Imperium was founded by three principal partners with decades of experience innovating, advocating, and leading initiatives that shape policy environments. Utilizing a Washington, D.C. managed global network of consultants, Imperium has helped clients achieve their objectives at the local, federal, and international levels. As an integrated multi-disciplinary firm, our clients benefit from the combined experience, expertise, relationships and strategic perspective of a team that intimately understands today’s complex global markets and policy environments. From established world-leading organizations to startups engaging the government market for the first time, Imperium is trusted because of our record of results for our clients, our commitment to honesty and integrity, our innovative spirit, and our ability to deliver sustained value.
Financial Services
Imperium works with a variety of financial services entities to help them navigate the policymaking process, advocate before regulators, understand the political landscape impacting their interests and those of their customers. As highly regulated and often scrutinized entities, financial services firms come to Imperium because strategy, insights and effective advocacy are paramount to the issues impacting their business today, and its rapid involvement in the days to come.
Health Care
The United States health care system is a complex and highly regulated marketplace. Imperium works with health care providers, patient groups, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and hospitals. Our work includes dealing with issues ranging from FDA approvals, the Affordable Care Act, taxes, coverage, competition, innovation, pricing and access.
Defense & Homeland Security
Imperium works with clients who need to understand, partner with, and influence the military, law enforcement and security community. Our experience includes the Defense Authorizations (NDAA), appropriations, foreign military sales, cyber security, supply chain, CFIUS, homeland security, law enforcement, immigration, transportation security, emergency management, procurement and acquisition.
Transportation, Infrastructure, & Energy
Building and maintaining our physical and digital infrastructure persistently challenges government to innovate, resource, and create policy that meets taxpayer demands. Imperium helps clients in the power distribution and generation, water infrastructure, aerospace, engineering and clean/renewable energy industries thread opportunities, shape policies impacting the market, and drive actionable outcomes from government.
With Silicon Valley roots, Imperium knows how technology is transforming the economy and the need these companies have for speed, responsiveness and results from policy makers. With an increasing expectation on the industry to engage across a broadening array of issues, we bridge the gap between policymakers and the tech industry. From data protection, cyber, intellectual property, entrepreneurial startups, and workforce development; Imperium understands the complexities and intricacies when tech meets government.
Trade & Investment
Trade and trade policy barriers and openings have dramatic impact on markets and its participants. Today’s trade landscape involves more than just treaties and tariffs – it involves a range of dialogues, investment reviews, cooperative relationships with national, state and local governments to create the best combination of value. Imperium utilizes a network of consultants across the globe to advocate for clients interests at home and abroad.
Cyber Security
Imperium operates at the forefront of cyber security policy. We develop coordinated strategies, policies and advocacy efforts to help our clients lead the discussion, intelligently react to policies, and mitigate threats. This also includes providing strategic advisory to clients in the acquisition and procurement of cyber resources by the government to maximize impact of opportunities presented.
Government Procurement & Operations
The systems and policies governments use to operate are built through political processes and use business processes unique from those of the private sector. To understand the decision-making process, Imperium has ongoing dialogues across government. Imperium is an invaluable resource to any company seeking to do business with the government, complying with a request from an agency or seeking to get aligned with the government’s operating requirements across both defense and civilian agencies.
Lobbying & Public Affairs

When it comes to advocacy, Imperium believes the best defense is a good offense. The Imperium team has served in the public and private sector including senior positions in the House of Representatives, the Senate and Executive Branch. We know what works and what doesn’t when trying to influence policymakers. We take pride in working with your team to craft strategy and materials that make any issue, regardless of complexity, easy to understand and memorable. Our team can integrate with an existing Washington team, or be your direct eyes and ears to apply new strategies and innovative approaches to secure interests in an evolving political and regulatory environment.

Policy Audits & Development

Government policies can directly affect your organization’s bottom line. Policy audits can help your organization better understand the current political climate, identify gaps or threats and deliver a road map for creating opportunities and results. Our audits will help your decision makers align your goals, objectives and resources with government policies and political environments.

Federal Market Analysis

The Imperium team has deep relationships with procurement officials from the General Services Administration to the Department of Defense and has helped organizations get their foot in the door with agency leaders who want to purchase and use your products and services. Imperium can integrate with your existing sales staff to help federal buyers understand the value and necessity of your product.

Thought Leadership & Positioning

Imperium can help your organization build a thought leadership and positioning program to help you get better results from policy makers across the government. From Fortune 500 organizations to recently formed startups, we’ve developed thought leadership campaigns that can connect your organization and drive engagement and relationships with elected leaders, think tanks, trade associations and the beltway media.

Brian McLaughlin
Founding Partner
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Founding Partner
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Founding Partner
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Senior Counsel
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Senior Counsel
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